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Dr. Sears Family Podcast

Pediatrician and author Dr. Jim Sears and Health Coach Hayden Sears are here to answer your parenting questions, discuss a wide range of topics related to raising healthy families, and share stories from the Sears household. From pregnancy and behavior to health and nutrition, join us on this crazy and wonderful journey that we call parenting.

Apr 25, 2019

Today we dive into the world of snacks! Does your child only snack on junk food? What are some healthy snacks? Is there such thing as snacking too much? We also explore a few more of the "33 things to stop doing to your kids RIGHT NOW!"

Apr 8, 2019

Ever wonder why your child comes home from summer camp a little more mature, confident, and independent? Today we welcome into the studio Audrey "Sunshine" Monke, veteran camp director and author of Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults. Tune in to hear Audrey share all...